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The first Dark Sable German Shepherd was purchased approximately 32 years ago. He had a big blocky head. The loyalty of this dog was off the chart! His greatest desire was to be with you rather it was work time, play time or just relax time. He was very content to go lay down just as long as he could be in our presence. He would lay there with his head on his front paws and never move except for his eyes would follow you wherever you moved too. The bond that formed between us was incredible. His intelligence was so superior to any other dog that I had had prior to him.

He had such a good judge of character that he could sense the difference between a threat or a non-threat. He had great ability to be on guard around the clock and make me aware of anything that would visit our property. This began my passionate love affair with the Dark Sable German Shepherd.

So then we purchased a female Medium Sable German Shepherd and started breeding a litter every year. We started out selling puppies to the local German Shepherd  Importer/Breeder/Trainer that we had purchased these awesome dogs from. We maintained a male from these aforementioned German Shepherds that we have utilized for our upcoming litters.

In 2006 Joanna & I purchased our first Dark Sable German Shepherd from a local German Shepherd Importer, trainer, breeder. He looked just like the one that I had owned years prior. This dog was exactly like my previous Dark Sable German Shepherd. He displayed the exact same loyalty and superior intelligence as the previous one. So this began Joanna’s passionate love affair with Dark Sable German Shepherds. So with our common passion & love for Dark Sable German Shepherds we wanted to start breeding puppies.

In 2013 we did a search to find some outstanding dogs to start our breeding program. We found an awesome dog breeder that as they would say “they have searched the world over for the most outstanding dogs!" We purchased additional females from them with German & Czech blood lines. We started breeding the females to the Black/Dark sable male that we had retained from our previous dogs, making these puppies the 3rd generation in our ownership.

We started construction of additional Kennels to start a breeding program of Dark & Medium Sable German Shepherd puppies. We wanted to build the individual spaces larger than the average size kennel space to provide a better quality of life for our awesome dogs. We wanted to have a variety of temperaments to offer the public to fulfill their individual needs: Family companions where the dog isn’t bouncing off the walls and show little or no signs of aggression, to having the high drives and ball craziness of a police quality dog that can be trained for personal protection or their own customized needs. With all temperaments having superior intelligence and the level of thinking to always be aware of its surroundings and alert/protective of their environment.

We have found that one of the most important things that you can do to achieve a remarkable, successful puppy/dog starts days after the puppy is born. Joanna will start interacting with each individual puppy to insure that it’s getting enough nourishment, and spends a lot of time daily to love on each individual puppy and get them used to being handled. It’s not long before the mother is phased out to Joanna becoming their mother that provides for all of their needs to make them feel safe and secure. We believe that the first 8 weeks of a puppy's life are the most critical in developing incredible German Shepherd Dogs.

In the short time that we have been offering our puppies to the public for sale we have had a lot of fulfillment in the breeding and raising of these beautiful puppies. But our greatest fulfillment has been from the clients that have purchased our puppies and continually sent us updated pictures and videos and tell us how awesome their dog (or dogs) are! They also share with us the awesome stories of how fast that they house broke them or taught them different things or just how they are so naturally smart and all of the things that their dog has already achieved. There have been times instead of the client picking out his/her puppy, the puppy has picked its new owner. That’s what makes it all worth while!

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